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#julyot Devs, Learn the basics of IoT Solutions this month!

Hey Fellow developers, Are you interested in IoT but never had time - or hardware - to start? Don’t know where to start? Let’s start together this month!

Deploy Blazor WebAssembly apps to Azure Static Web Apps

Azure Static Web Apps is a new service that allows you to easily deploy your Static web apps. As I’m working on a little Blazor Client App (with WebAssembly), It seems perfect to host it on Azure Static Web Apps.

How YOU can interview developers remotely with Visual Studio Code?

Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash This article was written during Covid-19 crisis. However, It’s relevant before and after this time. You’re about do interview some developers remotely?

#Tip Use local Azure Storage emulator in Remote Containers

I LOVE Remote Development Extensions for Visual Studio Code. It allows me to simply pack all my technical stack in one docker container, while getting me everything I need to run and debug things.

How to track your productivity with Pomodoro?

The Pomodoro technique is quite efficient when you’re trying to focus on a specific task. I’m using it since ages when I really need to focus.