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Hello world,
I'm Chris!

I help developers to create innovative services, and build better technical teams behind these services. I also teach scuba diving to wannabe-divers and future scuba instructors.

I'm a Data Engineering Cloud Advocate at Microsoft.

  1. The meilisearch logo

    Deploy Meilisearch on Azure in One Click

    A blazing-fast search engine hosted in seconds.
     | 3 minutes
  2. #julyot Devs, Learn the basics of IoT Solutions this month!

     | 1 minute
  3. Deploy Blazor WebAssembly apps to Azure Static Web Apps

     | 4 minutes
  4. #Tip Use local Azure Storage emulator in Remote Containers

     | 1 minute
  5. How to track your productivity with Pomodoro?

    Pomodoro is a great productivity technique. But is it really efficient for you?
     | 1 minute
  6. The Deezer for Windows 10 app screenshot, on mobile, tablet and PC

    The challenges behind releasing our Windows 10 Universal app

    This summer, weโ€™ve removed our โ€œpreviewโ€ tag from our Windows 10 Universal app. We wanted to share a few things weโ€™ve done between our first line of code and today
     | 7 minutes