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Hello world,
I'm Chris!

I help developers to create innovative services, and build better technical teams behind these services. I also teach scuba diving to wannabe-divers and future scuba instructors.

I'm a Data Engineering & Analytics Cloud Advocate at Microsoft.

  1. The remote containers button

    Get your SQL Server dev environment ready in one click

    Learn how to use Visual Studio Code and GitHub Codespaces to launch an Azure SQL/SQL Server dev environment in one click, thanks to Devcontainers.
     | 2 minutes
  2. The meilisearch logo

    Deploy Meilisearch on Azure in One Click

    A blazing-fast search engine hosted in seconds.
     | 3 minutes
  3. #julyot Devs, Learn the basics of IoT Solutions this month!

     | 1 minute
  4. Deploy Blazor WebAssembly apps to Azure Static Web Apps

     | 4 minutes
  5. #Tip Use local Azure Storage emulator in Remote Containers

     | 1 minute
  6. How to track your productivity with Pomodoro?

    Pomodoro is a great productivity technique. But is it really efficient for you?
     | 1 minute